We are remodeling our website and will be back soon.

While you are waiting, please help stop the trafficking of children by supporting Operation Underground Railroad.


Just shop on Amazon for the things you normally buy but use the link below.

Amazon will donate a percentage of every sale to Operation Underground Railroad.

Watch the video below to learn more about O.U.R.

You must use the link above and choose Operation Underground Railroad as your charity of choice on Amazon or they will not get the credit for your purchase.


Please copy and save the link when you arrive to Amazon and use it every time you shop, or bookmark this page.


Please share the link or this page with all of your friends and encourage them to use it when shopping for products they normally purchase, especially large purchases.


It costs nothing extra to use the O.U.R. link. Just shop as you normally would on Amazon and you will be helping to fight human trafficking. Unfortunately we can't shoot the child traffickers but you can help capture them. 

By clicking the link above and choosing Operation Underground Railroad as your charity of choice, Amazon will pay O.U.R. a percentage of every purchase. In addition, we will receive a small percentage of each sale, which helps with the high costs associated with maintaining this website. Using the link costs you nothing extra and helps to support an exceptional organization that is making a massive difference in the fight against the trafficking of children worldwide as you shop on Amazon as you normally would. As an Amazon associate, we earn from qualifying purchases along with Operation Underground Railroad. Your support is appreciated.